When Will Luxury Casino Hotels be Coming to Ireland?

The concept of the luxury casino resort has yet to gain much traction on either side of the Irish border. Northern Ireland is unlikely to relax its gambling regulations in any significant way soon, not least because the Northern Ireland Assembly looks like it shall remain suspended for many months to come. This means that any significant change would have to happen in the Republic of Ireland. The current government has gained a reputation as a progressive one thanks to its decision to liberalise many of Ireland’s decades-old laws. However, it has been relatively silent so far on relaxing gambling legislation and ignoring the positive impact that this could have on the country’s economy. Irish players are currently restricted to using online gaming apps such as the Mummys Gold casino ap, depriving the Irish government of potential gambling revenues.

Image result for When Will Luxury Casino Hotels be Coming to Ireland?Approving a significant gaming centre, especially if it was built some distance from Dublin or Cork, could work wonders for the Irish rural economy. While the big cities have indeed managed to power out of the problems caused by the recession of the 2000s, there are still many issues in Ireland’s more rural communities. Allowing a casino resort to open in one of them could be a crucial jobs boon to these areas, and help to slow the brain drain of young people who move to Ireland’s most significant cities, or out of the country altogether, at the first opportunity.

On the other hand, a development like this would require a significant upgrade to Ireland’s infrastructure. Transport provision in rural Ireland is inadequate, and any casino would quickly become a big draw. However, this type of establishment could easily be covered as part of a deal with the developer of any such project, bringing further benefits to the population around the new casino.