What will Brexit do to the Irish hotel sector?

It’s fair to say that there’s a Brexit relateImage result for Brexitd angle to almost every story these days. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that this list also includes the Irish accommodation sector. Besides the UK itself, Ireland is the country that is most likely to be impacted by whatever Brexit outcome is finally agreed. Even if you’re not from the UK or a European country, it’s worth being aware of the potential outcomes as it could impact your next trip to Ireland quite significantly.

The first potential impact is a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the south. Both governments have been very clear that they want to avoid any chance of a hard border, but the fact remains that it is the inevitable outcome of the current process unless an alternative arrangement is agreed. A hard border would make cross-border tourism far more difficult and probably decrease demand for trips to Ireland and the required accommodation in general. If this were to happen, there is the possibility that prices for hotels could decrease significantly.

Of course, even if Irish accommodation prices don’t decrease in real terms, there is still the possibility that currency movements could make holidays to Ireland significantly cheaper for holidaymakers from other countries. Even if the euro does not move significantly following the Brexit outcome, Irish hotels are highly reliant on tourists and business travellers from the UK and if their currency sinks significantly, then prices in euros may have to be reduced accordingly. Furthermore, there is the chance that air travel between Ireland and the UK could be impacted, which would further decrease demand for Irish hotel rooms.

Whatever the eventual outcome is, it’s well worth being aware of Brexit if you’re planning a trip to Ireland in the coming year.