Travel Around the World in One Year on a Budget

Did you ever imagine that you could drop everythinImage result for Travel Around the World in One Year on a Budgetg to travel the world? One family decided to do it. After his mother died and his employer relocated, William Swenson’s wife suggested that they travel around the world in one year. Keeping expenses low with house-sitting, the family has travelled to every country on their bucket list, including Ireland, South Africa, and the UK.

William and his wife, Jessica, rented their home to finance their ambitious adventure. They had some savings, plus the couple combined their inheritance with the compensation package from William’s job. Still, they had to conserve money, since they wouldn’t be working. After doing online research, Jessica found the website, Since 2010, the website has been offering luxury accommodations at no cost to travellers willing to take care of the pets and homes of strangers. The website verifies sitters through background and document checks.

Jessica tested the site by trying a few house-sitting jobs in the Bay area where the family lives. The family took one gig overseas to housesit an English farm. This trial house-sitting was successful. In the fall of 2017, the Swenson crew packed up their bags- one backpack per person- and travelled with their three children to several countries. They used cheap accommodations, including hostels and Airbnb. On the first half of their trip, the family travelled through Bali, Morocco, New Zealand, China, and other countries. They went overseas to begin house-sitting in European countries where gigs included stays in France and Sweden.

Their typical week included homeschooling the children, hiking, and visiting museums. According to CNBC, the Swenson family balances taking care of the homes they are visiting, education, and family time. Jessica is a planner, confirming where the family will stay three months in advance. After a month in Finland, the family intends to visit more countries, including Germany and Scotland, before coming back home to California in October.