The quality and selection of luxury hotels in the Irish capital has recently ballooned. OnImage result for The best luxury hotels in Irelandce upon a time, Dublin’s hotel scene was severely limited, and apart from a few international chains, you were pretty much out of luck if you were looking for a little pampering during your time in the city. That has all changed now. The Celtic Tiger economy phase that Ireland enjoyed during the early 2000s led to a huge hotel building boom, and while things went more than a little quiet following the Irish recession later that decade, the hotel sector is now definitely back on its feet.

In fact, now you’re likely to have two problems when you’re looking for accommodation in Dublin. The first is that there’s simply too much choice to get your head around quickly, and the second is the price that you are going to pay once you’ve found an ideal place to stay in the city. While there’s not much we can do to help with the second problem (except to say that we understand why there is so much demand to come here), we can certainly do a little bit more about the first.

Generally, all four and five star hotels in Dublin are of a good standard. The snag that you may hit if you don’t know the city very well is ending up with a hotel that’s a significant distance from the things that you want to see. Temple Bar is generally regarded as the heart of Dublin and a hotel next to it will probably be the type of thing you’re looking for if you’re not bringing a car to Dublin. Only consider something a little farther out, such as the Croke Park area, if you’ll have your own transportation while you’re staying in the Irish capital – otherwise you’ll be spending a lot on cabs.